young boy enjoying a piece of fried chicken
At Oak Ridge Family Food Centers, General Manager William Seta says it's not unusual for the deli department to prepare over 1000 pounds of fried chicken at the Fraser store and other locations for Sunday customers. (The 18-piece Sunday and Wednesday special is a big draw.) He says customers come from as far as 30 to 40 miles away to pick up the Oak Ridge fried chicken. People pre-order chicken weeks in advance for holidays and weekends to the point where the stores have to run the fryers 18 hours a day. Oak Ridge sells individual pieces of fried chicken by the pound, also. The secret? "We use premium, large size chicken parts," says William. The deli department prepares it from start to finish - "we use cholesterol free oil plus our secret coating and then we deep fry it - southern style". With the addition of side dishes from the deli, including cole slaw and potato salad, and maybe fresh bread or rolls from the bakery, and fresh fruit from the produce department, he says the picnic or party is complete.
There's nothing like biting into a piece of fried chicken at a summer picnic or anytime. Monte enjoys a taste of freshly fried chicken made at the Oak Ridge SuperValu Family Food Center.

Sunday Chicken Special

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